Carolann is an author, a teacher, a wife, and a mother of three grown-up children, with a degree in English and Drama. Ten years ago, she founded Carousel Writers. Working with other writers and seeing inspiration turn into words on the page and ultimately a story, gives her the best buzz.

When Carolann started writing, she was teaching fulltime and minding her three children.

Through snatched hours and scratched out words a novel Summer Triangle was born, and then another, Scarred. Carolann's third novel, Mosaic, is out now, published in November 2022.

She is now a fulltime writer.

Carolann is passionate about writing, and enjoys facilitating writing courses, writers’ workshops, writing retreats, writers’ festivals, book launches, and author readings. She facilitates both online and face to face workshops in Dublin and Malaga.

Carolann launched the Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors in 2016, bringing the cream of independently published authors to the top.

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