July 1946

Once … in Andalusia, teenagers Enrico Sanchez and Sonia Almez made a vow of love everlasting. Then Sonia’s brother was murdered by Franco’s Nationalists, and Enrico, filled with a burning need for revenge, set out on a dangerous path.
Now… Sonia must flee Spain and struggle to build a life for herself in Ireland. Enrico is on the run, hunted by both Nationalists and Republicans.
They know that they should be together, but is their love worth doing something unthinkable?

February 2020

Shona Moran travels to Spain to find her grandmother’s family and the sense of belonging she has always yearned for. As she unravels seventy years of Sonia and Enrico’s story, Shona unearths more than she expects.

Should the truth about her grandmother be told? Or is a lie sometimes the only kindness?


Rory McGee is obsessed. The man who murdered his girlfriend, Maria Dooley, must be brought to justice. Ex-IRA activist, now politician, Fergal O' Gorman, is accused of murder on live television during elections, causing a media frenzy.

Rory's quest to expose the truth threatens to destroy the family he fought so hard to rebuild, and he's dragging Maria's daughter Shona Moran through the mire with him.

Rory needs to overcome the guilt he feels about letting Maria's death go unpunished.

In a story of buried love and exhumed hatred, revenge can only be achieved at a cost. But how much is Rory willing to pay?


Shona and Majid are living very different, but ordinary, lives on opposite sides of the globe, when both their worlds are shattered.
Majid, who witnesses the death of his fiancée, a bomb victim at an Irish/Saudi festival, is so distraught he runs from his problems - right into the arms of Islamic fundamentalists.
Together his new allies and he plot to show Ireland exactly what they think of its cooperation in the US war against terror, but will Majid really get the closure he so desperately craves?
Meanwhile Irish teen Shona falls pregnant following a drunken party and stumbles through early motherhood in a haze of alcohol. An overheard conversation about her past leaves her wallowing in the self-pity of betrayal and ripe for falling into the wrong hands.
When an attack in the city threatens to become Dublin's very own 9/11, will a chance meeting of the two teenagers hasten their road to self-destruction or help them rise from the ashes of the past?


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